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Winetasting ‘our colourful world of wine’


Try our colourful world of wine!

Winetasting EUR 20,00 per person

Our Winetasting includes a tour of the vineyards, winery and tasting 5 wines and 1 sparkling wine in our Weinmuseum:

  1. 2012 dry Cuvee Blance (Rieslilng & Pinot Blanc)
  2. 2012 dry Chardonnay ‘young vines’
  3. 2012 dry Riesling ‘old vines’
  4. 2012 semi-dry Schlossberg Riesling li>
  5. 2012 dry Riesling Goldenes Loch
  6. 2011 Riesling Brut (6011)

The minimum groupsize is 10 people. Please contact us to book your personal winetasting with or without catering via Tel: 07223-96670 oder Email: kontakt@weingut-schloss-neuweier.de