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Our Vineyard starts at the back of our Castle and Winery with the ‘Schlossberg’ that has an incline up to 55°. Moving to the right you come to our Grand Cru (Grosse Lage) area called ‘Goldenes Loch’ which stops when it comes to the stone terraces of the ‘Mauerwein’, this is where the ‘Mauerberg‘ starts. If you drive through the village of Neuweier up to the Black Forrest B500 you pass our site ‘Heiligenstein’. All these sites have Granite (Arkoses) as one of the main soil components, which gives us the delicate, mineral fine wines known to this area.


Schlossberg: This is a monopolistic site of 3 ha south facing slopes with up to 55°incline, solely growing Riesling. The soil is fascinating since it is made up of ground Granite (Arkoses), schist, shale and slate. Due to being close to the extinct Volcano Yburg you also find quartz crystals on the surface. The climate is defined by 0n the lower slopes of the Black Forrest Mountains and close to the Rhine plateau and in combination with the soil is ideal growing grounds for Riesling.


Goldenes Loch: Another monopolistic site of 1 ha southwest facing cauldron between the Schlossberg and Mauerberg. The name was established because of the foliage glowing golden in the autumn sun due tothe concave mirror effect caused by the cauldron, catching the last rays of the day. The extreme incline of 60° or more was the main reason it was left alone but in 1993 the land was reclaimed by using small diagonal terraces. The grapes grown here produce exquisite Riesling wines but also the marc is such good quality it is use for high range of cosmetics. Wines from this site are elegant, mineral, and powerful with juicy texture that truly earns the classification ‘Grand Cru’ (Grosse Lage).


Mauerberg: is a south facing exposed position similar to the Schlossberg. Historically 60% of the Mauerberg was terraced, each only big enough for one or two vines. The man high natural stone walls contribute to the micro climate for the vines by keeping the warmth during the day as well as being dryed be the wind from the Black forest. Such extraordinary conditions produces sophisticated, fresh wines with aromas of citrus and exotic fruit with elements of minerals. From this site we gain our outstanding ‘Mauerwein’ which could very easily be taken as a Grand Cru (Grosse Lage).

Heiligenstein: the name seems to originate from the Celtic culture stating a magical powerful place, which it is still today. The foundation is full of Granite being enjoyed by our young Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) vines. Here is where we gain our very clean, clear classical red wines with fine delicate bouquet. Rose lovers will melt once they have tried our wine or Sparkling (Sekt) made using the traditional method coming from this site.