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Our History

Stein Wappen

We have found documentation dating back to 12th Century. There is little known about how the Castle started but it is believed that it was built up from a Franconia Meierhof. Before that there are elements that show it was part of a Roman site. The moated castle has existed from the 13th Century. Herren von Bach was the first person who starts planting the vines and evolving his passion of producing wine. All subsequent owners showed interested in cultivating the vines and creating good wine. With the death of the last Knight von Bach in 1538 A.D the estate was given to the daughter of his Sister, Katharina von Bach who was married to the Marshal from Mainz, Philipp von Cronberg. This marriage produced two daughters Anna and Catharina. Anna went on to marry Hartmann von Cronberg and Catharina married the second time round Philipp Kämmerer von Worms, called von Dalberg. This gentleman formed the look and feel of the Castle as it stands today 1548-49, to remind everyone of his creation he chiselled a saying in the entry portal stating: Zeyt bryngt Rosen – Time brings Roses. In the year 1547 the Kaiser Karl V. gave the Castle an official ownership agreement and declaration to which empire it belonged. In 1615 the castle was passed onto the second daughter of Philipp von Dalberg whose husband was Wolf von Eltz and Knebel von Katzenellenbogen. Katzenellenbogen was a high ranking knight who fought under the rule of the archbishop and Elector of Mainz.

In this area of the joint control there were lots of battles and quarrels between the families and the region. With the 30 year War (1618-1648), the war of Palatine-Orlean war (1690), the Spanish war but especially after the death of the margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden (Türken-louis 1707) the castle and region fell to looters who destroyed whatever came in their way. In 1725 Franz Ludwig Knebel von Katzenellenbogen bought the von Eltz families’ share, then the castle and vineyards were wholly owned by him.

The main person to led the way in grape growing and wine making was Franz Philipp Knebel von Katzenellenbogen. Leaving his post as Imperial Ambassador and Diplomat, he devoted his time to Wine in the village of Neuweier. Bringing with him, his knowledge from Franconia as well as the bottle Boxbeutel and the vines Nierstiener & Laubenheimer with which he replaced the traditional vines Elblinger & Ortlieber. Unfortunately Franz Philipp von Katzenellenbogen died in 1816 leaving no heir.

During the 19th century the castle changed its owners quiet frequently. From 1869 the family August Rößler from Baden-Baden became the owners of the Castle and the vineyard. Due to this family the Mauerberg as site gained international recognition. Keeping the tradition that the high quality wines were filled into the Boxbeutel bottles like the ‘köstlichen Schlosswein’. Ms Jacoba Stoltenberg Rössler (died 1984) was the last owner of the Baden-Baden family, who had the wish everyone should be able to enjoy the wines where they are produced. The best combination for good wine is fantastic food. Therefore a traditional ‘Besenwirtschaft’ was opened but developed very quickly into a high quality bar and restaurant. From 1976 the Castle restaurant was run by the well-known gastronome Walter Fritz, who died in car accident in 1982.From 1983-2002 the family Beck ran the Restaurant.

The original above ground buildings of the Castle were removed in the 18th century since they were dilapidated, then rebuilt. The cellars and underground parts of the castle were renovated in the 19th century, you can still see some parts today. The family Joos bought the estate including all the buildings and the vineyard in 1992. With great enthusiasm and financial investments they brought the castle and all the attached buildings back to the full bloom, which you can still admire today. The renovations were completed in 2009. The moated castle is now a picture book, beautiful estate renown in the area. Many tourists come to see the estate, enjoy the wine and eat in the castle restaurant whilst pondering the view of our vineyards.

We were very lucky that in the year 2005 the family Röttele took on the Restaurant on the ground floor of the castle. Mr Röttele is a very inspiring and inventive Chef who’s creations leaves your mouth watering. Mr Röttele’s talent was internationally recognised so it was not surprise that he gained 1 Star from the Michelin in 2006. Today the moated castle & winery is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Baden-Baden.

As of mid-2012 the estate was sold to family Schätzle, whose son Robert Schätzle Viticulturist (Oenology) & Bio-technologist oversees the winery and vineyard. The family comes from a traditional Vintners background in the area called ‘Kaiserstuhl’ near Freiburg. The goal of the family is to continue the traditional running the Castle Restaurant & Hotel, winery and Vineyard. The style is to be as bio-dynamic as possible and to continuously improve the wine to the acquired taste of our national & international customers.

Why don’t you come to visit our Winery where you can tast our exquisite wines.